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Connie is a force to be reckoned with, in the best way possible. She takes on life's challenges with incredible perseverance, focus and determination while having fun and enjoying the process. She first brought this attitude into the yoga room as a student in 2009 and began teaching in 2012. From the moment you walk into one of Connie's classes you are welcomed with her high energy, motivation and encouragement. Before you know it, you will feel an incredible sense of determination that will not allow you to give up on yourself. She can quickly assess your needs in class, whether it be that extra push to challenge you or provide support and encouragement to keep you going. Regardless, you will leave her class feeling a sense of accomplishment and a fun time, definitely a class not to miss! "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Kasia’s journey with health and wellness hasn't been linear or easy since she first joined a gym as a teenager. But when she started Bikram Yoga four years ago she found it easy to stick with. The supportive studio atmosphere, the motivating energy of the instructors, and the positive effects on her mind and body made her want to practice daily and she did. Kasia decided to continue her commitment to wellness and took the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Fall 2014. Upon her return home she got right into teaching and is so grateful to have taught at so many studios in Toronto and the GTA. “I am passionate about yoga and believe in the benefits it can bring to everyone.”

Dawn has been practicing Bikram yoga since 1998 and became a certified instructor in 2007. She has taught throughout the city over the years, sharing her wealth of expertise and knowledge with students eager to learn. Dawn is also a classical homeopath and Reiki level II practitioner, two things she finds that compliment her yoga practice. Dawn is a true advocate for using the yoga to heal the body. Through discipline, dedication and effort, Dawn has personally experienced the healing power of the yoga, and her passion for sharing its potential is evident in class. Her life path and struggles have brought to her to a place where she can help others holistically on their own paths to health and well-being.

Sabina Georgescu

Studio Owner and Instructor

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Keith Aitken


Laura discovered Bikram Yoga in 2002. She fell in love with the practice and completed her Teacher Training in 2004. Her background includes: Marriage/Family & Individual Counselor, Certified Rolfer/Structural Integration and energy work. Laura brings her background education into the room and strives to help students discover structural alignment in the poses, while simultaneously creating a nurturing and supportive environment in which each student can safely explore their potential. Laura recognizes the amazing potential and opportunity in healing both the mind and body through yoga.

Lucia discovered Bikram Yoga in 2008, and it did not take her long to realise that she found what she was looking for. Challenge for the body and release for the mind - the perfect balance. Strength for the muscles, flexibility for the joints and freedom through meditation and breath – all in one class! Spending long hours sitting at a desk in an office job, Lucia understands more than most how important it is to find time for ourselves in our busy lives.  “My hope is that you will step out of the room at the end of the class feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. And that with time you will discover a more balanced, happier and healthier version of yourself. It is only when we are happy and healthy ourselves that we can take the best care of our loved ones... Yoga does not take time and effort... yoga gives time, strength and energy!

Debbie’s yoga journey began with her own at home self-practice in 2005. She immediately felt a stronger sense of self, clearer mental focus, balance (both on and off the yoga mat) and overall increased awareness and self-confidence. She attended her first Bikram Yoga class in the fall of 2008, where she was challenged at a deeper level, and wanted to explore further. Debbie has been teaching since 2009 in Toronto, as well as the US, Australia and most recently New Zealand. Debbie’s life passion is in helping others reach their true potential and in realizing that they have what it takes to succeed. Debbie’s teaching style emphasizes focus on the breath, self-awareness and presence.

Sabina first discovered the Bikram Yoga Method in 2008. With no previous yoga experience, Sabina's first yoga class was a sweaty one she will never forget. "I walked into my first yoga class expecting to sit cross legged in a candle lit room, with soft music playing in the background. Instead I experience something else, something that would change me forever." The discipline, concentration and determination gained from practice bewitched her. Fuelled by the desire to heal bad knees and anxiety, Sabina returned every day in her first year of practice, and never looked back. "Yoga treats us all as equals. We are all equal in our potential for personal growth. Yoga transcends time, culture and religion, and in effect it connects us to our body and our nature as human beings." She teaches the practice of self-observation and self-acceptance, and truly believes that these are the foundational steps towards living a fulfilling choice driven life.

Laura Mckenzie


Kasia Zaraza


Keith's yoga journey started about 40 years ago, during that time he learned meditation, yogic philosophy and yoga postures. For the last 9 years he has fully committed himself to deeply understanding the hot yoga practice, and has been fascinated to discover and develop his own mind and body connection. Keith has taught yoga philosophy for many years, and has more recently taken a yin yoga teacher training program. “I love the yin-yang balance. Yin is slower, we hold the postures for longer and we allow the body to heal, relax and let go. It truly is the perfect complement to a hot yang style of practice." Keith’s yin class is catered to the hot yogi, dedicated athlete, and just as much to the overwhelmed CEO or multitasking person. Come take Keith’s class to chill out, stretch, and do something your body and mind will thank you for!

Connie Zerebecki